Yet Another New Low


Mr. Trump, we’re going to need you to come with us.

What? What is this? Oh—I know who put you up to this!

Mr. Trump, no one put us up to this. Your family is just very concerned about you.

My family? Right—you can’t fool me. I know It’s Crooked Hillary! She’s been out to get me from the start! And the media—I’m sure the lying media are working with her on this, too!

Mr. Trump, please try to calm down. This is for your own safety.

My own safety? I’m safe here—in my own home where I can protect myself. You’re not getting me to come with you. You just want me out in the open so they can finally get to me.

Mr. Trump, please.

Please nothing—you need to get the hell out of here!

Mr. Trump, we can’t go. We have a court order. Your family is very worried.

Get out of here now! Leave me alone! You want to let them kill me!

Please, Mr. Trump, we don’t want to have to restrain you.

Get out!

*          *          *

Not very fucking funny, is it, Donald?

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