Never Again


Thanks, Chuck. We’re live at the Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial in New Jersey’s Liberty Park. People are starting to gather for today’s Memorial Ceremony.   Excuse me, sir, would you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Um…OK, I guess.

What brings you out to the ceremony today?

Well…it’s a very important day for America.

I think everyone would agree with that.

And we can never forget—never let this happen again.

Thank you, sir. I think you’ve summed up the mood of the crowd very well.

I mean—think about it—thousands of Muslims celebrating while the towers fell down.

That’s not really—

In America! In my country! Right on this spot! That will never happen again.

It never really—

Not on my watch!

OK—that’s good. Thanks, sir.

Make America great again!

Back to you, Chuck.

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