Open Arms

Statue of Liberty

Where’s our boat?

Next dock over.

Oh—there is it. How long is it to Liberty Island?

About 20 minutes—it’s pretty quick. We got everything?

Think so. I got the engraver. You got all the stuff for the torch?

Yup—good to go. And I got the specs here, too.

So we’re changing the motto?

Yeah—they decided the old one doesn’t really work any more. “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.” Too last century.

What’s the new one?

Let’s see—oh, yeah—“Give us your merit, skill, and proficiency…”

Cool—that’s right out of the speech.

“…but no Muslims…”

Ah—of course.

“…and certainly no Mexicans.”

Image by featherboa – Flickr, Public Domain,

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