Best and Brightest


Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to go get ready for the debate, and you’re going to go find Gennifer Flowers.

Right. Who’s Gennifer Flowers?

Clinton’s mistress! Gennifer Flowers!

Oh—sure. Wait…Hillary has a mistress?

Not Hillary—Bill!

Got it—we go get your mistress for Bill. Which one?

No—Get Bill’s mistress!

Oh—get Bill’s mistress and bring her to you.

Not to me—bring her here.

Got it—Get Bill and bring him here.

No—Gennifer Flowers!

Oh—yes, yes. Get Bill’s mistress and bring her here. Gennifer Flowers.

Yes! Good, good. Now remember that, Ok? Ok. I’m going to get ready. Hold on—where are you going?

We’re coming with you.

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