Bring Out Your Dead!


Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

Here you go.

Just throw her on the back.

Wait a minute. I’m not dead!

She says she’s not dead.

She’ll be stone dead in a minute.

I just have pneumonia. I’m already on antibiotics!

I can’t take her if she’s not dead.

Don’t be a baby. Everyone saw you fall. You clearly have a neurological disorder.


I’m doing you a favor. You probably have mad cow.


Oh my God—you have the real one from being a cannibal. Don’t you?

Wait just a—

It just hit me! Vince Foster! You killed Vince Foster to eat him! Now you’ve got…whatever it’s called—mad Vince Foster!


Oh…oh…and—and Obama’s a Kenyan—he’s a cannibal, too! Where’s my phone—I gotta tweet this out.

I need to go for a walk…

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