True Love

Um…Daddy…I’ve been bad.

Oh—Melania. Stop it. You know how that gets to me.

But, I’ve been really naughty. I need to be punished.

What did you do? Spend too much shopping again? As long as you model everything for me…

No, no—it’s the press. They say bad things about me.

What? The dirty crooked bastards.

They say I used to be an escort—a prostitute.

That’s the last straw. The last one, I tell you. The last one!

No, no—I handle it.

You handled it?

I sue them.

You—you sued them? Oh Melania. You’re the greatest. You really are the greatest. Have I told you how great you are? You know how to push all the right buttons. Get over here. I’ve got your punishment right here.

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