Higher Standards


Ok—so you know what we’re doing?

Yep—no insults—all policy.

Prefect. Ready?

Of course. Have at it.

Ok. Mr. Trump…you keep saying that Bill Clinton’s affairs should play a role in this campaign. What do you think that role should be?

Well, clearly Bill Clinton’s affair were terrible…horrible…probably the worst affairs in the history of history—


Oh yeah—but I don’t want to talk about how horrible Bill Clinton was. And really, can you believe how bad he was? Or how bad Hillary was? I mean—she’s the worst. They way she attacked those poor women. Just the—


Yes, yes—but I’m not going to talk about that. That’s just a distraction. The American people want to hear—they need to hear about how my policies are going to make America great again. I mean—when the alternative is policies from a women who is probably not even faithful, because…


Right, right, right. Policies—talk about policies.


Oh they’re the best. I have the greatest polices. Believe me.  Man, I’m killing this. This is going to be the best debate ever.

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