Don’t Tread on Trump


We’ve got to do something—we’ve got to do it now!

About what, sir?

They’re rigging it! They’re rigging it for sure. I know we don’t have any proof yet, but people are talking. I’m hearing some really troubling, things. Really scary.

Oh—of course. We’re already on it.

Excellent! What’s the plan?

We’ve got supporter groups all over the country ready to march on state capitols and send buses to DC.

Great—are we passing out pitchforks?

Not yet—but we’re stocking them up.


The leaders of one of the groups are actually here. Would you like to meet them?

Of course! Bring ‘em in.

Mr. Trump, let me introduce you to Joe Bob, Jim Bob, Mary Bob, and Jose Bob.

Jose Bob?

My real name is Rufus Bob, but I’m kinda tan, so they made me leader of Hispanics for Trump.

I see.

In the right light—and if you squint a little—he also goes by Dikembe Bob.

Power to the people!

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