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DFTB on the Road–Cincinnati Part 1


It’s been a summer of tremendous for travel for DFTB. Check out Part 1 of our trip to Cincinnati.

DFTB on the Road–Cincinnati Part 1

New To Town

Beer Flight
Westbound and Down Beer Flight +1

Westbound and Down is the latest entry in the Lafayette brewery scene.  It’s an easterly (relatively speaking) outpost of the well-established Idaho Springs standard.

Pizza and Beer: Westbound and Down


Blast from the Past

An official high school friend of DFTB opened a brewery in Chicago.  Obviously DFTB had to check it out.  Art History Brewing was definitely worth the trip.  And worth a new rule for DFTB–if a friend opens a brewery, you must go.


Style and Substance: Art History Brewing

Fire, Fire on the Mountain…well…nearby, anyway…

What do you like to do when it’s 100 degrees?  DFTB decided to go have sushi and smoked beer.  Outside.  And it turned out to be one of the best evenings I’ve had in a long while.

Smokin’ Hot: Cellar West’s Smoke Stream

At Long Last–Success!

DFTB’s dogged persistence has finally paid off!  OK, I happened to check Facebook at the right time, but no matter–success!  I completed my long-time quest and scored some Heady Topper.

Heady Topper 

Summer’s Here…Briefly…

In between snowfalls, DFTB made it over to Romero’s for the perfect combination of an 80 degree day and Bell’s Oberon.  It’s the ideal beer to ring in the warm weather…or the promise of warm weather to come.  Sooner or later.  Anyway, when the warmth does return, find some Oberon.  You won’t regret it.

Bell’s Oberon


DFTB Is Back!!!!!

The pandemic had DFTB down, but never out.  Now that the DFTB household is fully vaccinated, DFTB is back better than ever.  Well…at least back.  I’ll work on better… 

In the meantime, do yourself a favor and go find a Comrade Superpower.

Comrade Superpower

Comrade Superpower


DFTB has been a bit stumped.  This election is…well…it’s just not funny.  Hopefully it will be when we look back at it, but for now–nope.  DFTB wanted to do its part, though, so here’s a little PSA for anyone thinking about sitting this one out.


Too Close to Home

This is a bit of a different approach for me.  The Boulder Daily Camera published my op-ed on gun violence.  I can’t say I hope you like it, but I do hope it makes you think.  Too Close to Home


Election Survival…Wine?

Need an antidote for the racist dog whistles sounding out this campaign season?  DFTB has the wine–wait–what?  Wine?  Yes, wine for the job.  Infinite Monkey theorem has the perfect drink to wash that distaste away.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem Rose Wine