Enemy of the People


Vlad—I need some advice.

Donald—we have already discussed.

Yes, yes—sorry…Mr. Putin.

Very well, what do you need?

Things are getting a little wild here. The hacking is helpful, but Crooked Hillary is all over me about this stupid tape.

I see.

Come on—show me a man who doesn’t say these things, and I’ll show you a real pussy. Am I right?

I am busy man. What is problem, Donald?

What do I do with her?



Of course—throw her in gulag.

Can I do that?

When you win. After election…you are president…gulag.

That’s brilliant V—I mean, Mr. Putin. The voters will eat this up. Gulag! Er—federal prison. Just brilliant. Is there anything—you name it—anything I can do for you? Anything at all?

Nyet, nyet—keep up good work. Everything is going according to plan.

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