Rigging for Sail


All right John—give me the rundown on the rigging.

Aye, aye, ma’am! The mainmast is all set. We had to retie a few knots.

I see.

The mainsail is squared away, though.


The topsail had a new tear, but we stitched that up solid. No worries there.


Now the mizzenmast was a little wobbly.


Check your codebook—it’s in there.

One second…mizzenmast…mizzenmast…mizzenmast… Oh, yes, yes—mizzenmast— the media conspiracy. Gotcha.

Right the “mizzenmast” was a little wobbly, but we nailed that down.

This is really kind of fun. It’s like being a pirate.

Exactly. And no one can read this email without that codebook. Let ‘em hack all they want.

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