Follow the Yellow Brick Wall


Who dares disturb the great and mighty Oz!

Oh—sorry—I’m looking for Dr. Oz.

Well…he couldn’t make it. So…what do you want!

Sure—why not—we were going to talk about my medical reports. Latest physical results. Great results—couldn’t have been better.

Yes, yes—I got that report right here. You’re in luck. I can help you.

Are you even a doctor?

Even a doctor? Does the all-powerful Oz need to be a doctor?


Fair enough. Usually I’d agree, but the stupendous Oz has the exact cure you need!


Yeah—I was surprised myself. I don’t have a whole of range, but you hit all 3 of my sweet spots—brain, heart, courage—boom!

Hold on—

I know, I know. People don’t talk as much about courage as the brain and heart thing, but—come on—bone spurs to dodge the draft? You could use a boost.


You doubt the omnipotent Oz?!? Oh…and I’d have the little girl ditch that basket of deplorables she’s holding on to over there. Not very becoming.

Well, we need that to get home.

Good point.

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