Movin’ on Up

Have you seen the polls? The numbers are great! They’re the greatest numbers. The greatest. We’re on a roll now. Believe me.

Yeah—CNN has us tied.

Tied, schmied—we’re up 2!

Well—it’s within the margin of error.

No one cares about margin of error. We’re up, and people are talking. They’re talking now. And that’s not even the best part.

What’s the best part?

We’re up with blacks. Did you see those numbers—high single digits! One poll has as us at 9%.

That’s definitely an improvement.

I knew this outreach would work. And they say I’m tone deaf. Crooked, rotten media.

They have no idea.

We need to celebrate!

Oh—of course.  What do you have in mind?

Something big–something the lousy media can’t ignore.

I like it.

Let’s see…I’m thinking fried chicken and watermelon. We’re going to blow this out. Oh—and get my African American. Tone deaf…

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