On Message


Come on, please?

No, Donald.

Just five minutes—five minutes with the phone. I’ll behave. Believe me.

This is for you own good.

Please! Just one tweet!


You are a really nasty woman. I thought it was Hillary, but it’s you. Won’t even give a guy his own phone. Nasty woman…the nastiest…

How long does this go on?

Let’s see…nonstop.

At least you finally got him to stop.

For now.

How has it been working on stage, though? He’s up there by himself.

We got a little carrot and stick thing going on.


Yeah, let’s just say he’s strategically wired for a little negative feedback if we need it.



But what’s the carrot?

Oh, we get the female staffers to set up a little gauntlet he walks through afterwards.

And that does it?

Well, he might do a little grabbing as he walks by…

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