About JEB

JEB Longs

I’ve been using JEB as my Internet nickname ever since I first ventured online. It’s not very creative, and it doesn’t have any clever significance–it’s just easier than typing Jonathan Berohn over and over again.

I live outside of Boulder, Colorado with my wife and the empty bedrooms of my two college-age kids. The picture is me on the summit of Long’s Peak–one of Colorado’s 14ers. As you might have read on the home page, I have degrees from Harvard and CU in political science and creative writing. I’ve taught both subjects–in the classroom and online–and I’ve published a book on investing–of all things–that I wrote with an investment advisor. I just wrapped up a second book that I’m working on finding an agent to represent.

As you might expect, the Harvard guy from Boulder is fairly left wing when it comes to domestic politics. At the same time, the political scientist in me makes me a pretty hard-boiled Realist about international affairs. I’m not writing this to push any ideology, though. My whole goal is to make sure we recognize and call people on their bullshit.

I will say I’ve never actually met Donald Trump. I have visited Trump Tower, though. And I stayed at and gambled in the Trump Taj Mahal…when it was a big thing…when Trump still owned it…before he declared bankruptcy…