Expanding the Base


I got an idea—the best idea—it’s the greatest!


So last night when I reached out to the terminally ill?

Uh huh?

So that’s going to be great by the way. It’s brilliant, I have to say. I’ve got the terminally ill vote locked up.

Of course.

Because they’re pissed off, right? I mean, who wants to be terminally ill? There’s not a waiting list for that. Could anybody else want things to change more than the terminally ill?

No—not hardly.

So who else is pissed off? Who else wants a change?

Uh…the unemployed?

No, no, we’ve already got a lot of them. Think big.

I don’t know, crime victims?

Come on…it’s obvious—the dead!


It sucks to be dead. I mean, I don’t know for sure, but that’s what I’m hearing. They’ll vote for me in droves!

Uh…the dead can’t actually vote?

What? That’s ridiculous! She’s gotta be behind this. This is an outrage. Gimme my phone.

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