Dear Donald,

Here is email to use. We can “find” more if desired. Please to let us know.



Dear The Donald,

I have for you the hots. Please to give me job offer. I would also be accepting the money as direct bribe. If somehow you decide not to give job offer or bribe, consequences will for you be severe. I will must to punish if you are to ignoring me. I will until worst for you wait to make public accusation. When you for the president run in thirty-five years, I will make the stink. I will use crooked media to announce that you make the sexual abuse. They will happy to publish lies because you will do the running against Crooked Hillary, and we know she has media in the back pocket. Do not take lightly this threat. If you do not make the hiring or paying now, you will do the suffering later when is most important to you. I will stop you in thirty-five years from making the America great again because I am agent of international banks and in favor of the open borders.

Sincerely [insert name here]

P.S. I am also Muslim and born in the Kenya.

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