Back and Forth

Back and Forth

So, you want to do the interview here in your war room?

Yes—it will be great TV—believe me.

Is that a ping-pong table?

Yes—you’re gonna love this—it’s a beautiful idea—the best idea. I play ping-pong with myself.


It’s my new decision-maker.

How does that work?

I play both sides. I’m tremendous at ping-pong—probably the best ever. The best you’ve ever seen.


Whichever me wins makes the decision.

Whichever you wins?

Right—just yesterday—deport them all…keep the good ones…deport them all…keep the good ones…deport them all…BAM! Keep the good ones with the smash—a beautiful smash—the best smash. And there you have it.

Have what?

We keep the good ones.

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