Hunt for Miss October


Captain, we’ve got a sonar contact. It’s on the surface.

Periscope up—lemme take a look. MmmHmm…oh…she’s gorgeous. That—that one’s a ten—at least a solid nine and half. Here—take a look.

Oh—yeah—that’s hot.

OK—you’ve had enough—get out of the way. Wow…when I see them like that, I—I just can’t help. I’ve got to have them. She’s mine.

Arm torpedoes, sir?

Torpedoes? Are you kidding? Look at that beauty! Brings us in close. I’m gonna grab her.

Grab her?

Of course. Right in the pussy. She’ll never know what hit her. In fact, she’ll probably love it. They all do—that’s what I hear anyway.


Yeah—look at that pussy—it’s spectacular. This is too good to be true.

Don’t you think it might piss her off?

Pffft. What’s she going to do about it? We’ve got all the power here. Piss her off…please. Oh—and get me some Tic Tacs!

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