Organ Donor


Thanks for calling in today, Mr. Trump.

My pleasure, Sean. I always love to talk to media who aren’t crooked.

I appreciate that.

I mean—you know how hard that is to find? You’re like the only one left. Terribly crooked.

Thanks again. But that’s not why you called in, right?

Oh—yes—Obamacare. It’s scandalous, folks—just the worst. Government run healthcare? Give me a break.

What’s your take on the premium increases they just announced?

Please—those numbers are all fake—crooked numbers. The real numbers are 80, 90, 110 percent increases. Don’t let them fool you.

Well, they are talking average.

And that’s not the worst of it. Not at all. The next step is to put everyone in the country—that’s everyone—you, me—all our brave veterans—everyone. They’re putting us all on donor lists. Then when China needs organ donations they’re just going to come to your house. They’re going to cut your organs right out of you and send them to China. Because they can afford it, folks—they’ve stolen all of our jobs. They can afford it. Believe me.

Um…you do know that’s a skit from a Monty Python movie, right?

Yeah…well…that worked for Reagan…

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