Do you have my pills?

Yes, ma’am.

Good, good—let me have them. And the water.

Take your time, ma’am. This commercial break is 3 minutes.

Wow—that was a close call.

I could tell, ma’am. You looked pretty uncomfortable.

I know—even with that extra dose.

We all respect how hard you’re fighting ma’am.

Well, I was about 30 seconds from losing control. I probably would have even peed myself.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

I think we might want to up the dosage again.

We can certainly look into it.

It’s that damn orange comb over. I just can’t stop wanting to laugh. It’s just too—

Careful ma’am—you’ve got to go back out there.

Right—just do check with the doctor. There’s got to be something more he can give me for this. Orange comb over…OK…steady…

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