Steady Hand


OK—Mr. Trump will now take your questions.

Fire away! The new and improved on-message, policy-oriented, super-nice, no-insult Donald Trump at your service!

Wait…hold it…what—what’s going on?

I’m ready to take questions. What do you got?

You’re just…that—that’s a ventriloquist dummy.

No I’m not. Ask me a question.

Yes, you—yes it is. Governor Pence, we can all see you’re doing the talking.

No, I’m not—Mr. Trump is. Frankly, that’s insulting. Just what we’d expect from the media, to be honest.

That’s just a lump a plastic.

No, I’m not. Here—I’ll wave to you.

You moved it’s arm, Governor.

I certainly did no such thing.

Hey! Hey!

Donald…what are you doing here? You’re supposed to stay out of sight.

Fine, fine, but why are his hands so small?

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