Draining the Swamp


Um,..Ms. Conway?


Uh…we have a little bit of a problem.

What’s up?

Well…you know that—whatever it is—you bought to…uh…drain the swap?

Right. The…uh…swamp drainer.

Sure. Anyway, every time we turn it on, the first thing it does is suck up Mr. Trump.

Oh. Well…you guys have to calibrate it.

Right—we’ve been trying. We started it off at “corrupt,” but we should have known better.


And then we went with “scumbag—”

Come on guys, really?

There aren’t a whole lot of options. Pervert, racist, and sexist are non-starters. That’s all the choices.

Did you guys check the manual?

Yeah—well, that’s not a lot of help. It’s in Chinese.

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