Hard Bargain


Hi—aren’t you cute? And what are you selling today?

Lemonade, mister. Do you want one?

I think so. I’m pretty thirsty. That would be perfect.

Here you go. That will be—

Hold on—I’m really thirsty.   Let me just drink this real quick.


Ah—that hit the spot.

Thanks, that’ll be one dollar.

A dollar? For that?

Yeah…uh…it says so on the sign. And you said you liked it.

Let’s not get carried away. I was thirsty and it was a drink. “Like” is much too strong.


First of all, it wasn’t anywhere near cold enough. And don’t get me started about the sugar—it was just too sweet. Way too sweet. Asking a dollar for that—it’s almost criminal.


Tell you what—I’ll give you a quarter.

But that’s—

I know, it’s way too much considering the poor quality, but I’m feeling generous. Here you—oh wait. I’m out of change. I’ll have to get you next time.


Pleasure doing business with you!

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