Happy Labor Day

Welcome to the Make America Great Again job fair!

Thanks. Where do I go for the manufacturing jobs?

The what?

The manufacturing jobs. The jobs coming back to the country now. I just got laid off

Oh—that was just a campaign thing. You know how it is.

Wait—what? But—the tariffs and all that. Wasn’t that the point? It’s supposed to be too expensive to ship jobs out of the country now.

Sure—of course. But you’re still more expensive than a robot. Come on. Be realistic. Think about the healthcare costs alone.

So the manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back?


Wow. Ok…what do you got?

Oh—we have a lot of construction jobs. Building the wall and all.

Um…OK…I guess that would work.

But there is one thing…


We’re still waiting on a check from Mexico to get started.

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