Cage Match


That’s it. The gloves are off!

That’s the spirit—we need to fight back.

Oh—we’re going to fight back. We’re going to fight back better that anyone has ever fought back. It’s going to be beautiful—just beautiful.

What’s the plan?

Policy, policy, policy. 24-7 we hit her with our immigration plan, our economic plan, our tax plan, and our ISIS plan. Hit her big league—all policy…all the time!

Wow—policy…really?  Wait a second…

Hah—I had you there! Policy? You almost fell for that. Come on.

That was pretty good, Donald.

We’re going to put her in jail, what do we need with policy?

True enough

You know, what if I walk out at the next debate and grab her—


Relax, I’m just thinking out loud here…

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