Keeping Up

Excuse me?


Hi—Fred Jones, here—pleasure to meet you. Would you be interested in being my African American?

Pardon me?

I need an African American. Would you be interested in being mine?

Your African American?

I know—I’m late to the game. It would really help me out if you’d agree. I’d pay well.

You do realize—

I know—you probably—well, you might have a job or a family or…whatever you do. Not a problem—I only really need you when I go out in public. Maybe say two or three nights a week. Restaurants, ball games, movies—things like that.

Are you kidding?

I know—it’s a pretty god deal. I work at home, so I don’t need you during the day. You couldn’t ask for an easier schedule. Much better than most people are offering.

I think I’ll pass.

You’re kidding?

Nope—not interested.

Not interested. I swear—I don’t know how you people think you are ever going to get ahead…

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