All in the Family


Well—what do you think?

Ooh—Ivanka—that’s hot. Give me a spin.

Don! Cut it out. I’m being serious.

OK, OK—you look very…professional.


Of course. That uniform is perfect on you.

Yours, too. Where’s Eric?

He’s still getting fitted.

I tell you what—we’re going to look good at that first strategy meeting. Which one are you again?

Um…royal blue—that makes me Air Force.

Right—dark blue makes me Navy. And Eric’s Army?

And Tiffany’s Marines.

Did he decide on a chairman yet?

You didn’t hear? It’s his best idea yet. He’s going with Barron—And Melania is Chairman Regent. You should see his little uniform—it’s so cute.

We’re going to strategy the hell out of this.

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