Orange Is the New What?


Where’s this one going?

Cellblock D.

Ah—journalists and politicians. That’s really filling up. Go ahead—I’ll buzz you in.

Thanks. Let’s go.

I…I really don’t belong here.

Yeah—no one does.

No, I mean—

Save it. I don’t care.


I tell you what. I’ll do you a favor and introduce you to H-Dog


She’s the big deal among the cons. Get in with her, and you’ll be all set. As long as you don’t mind the chanting.


Yeah—the goddamn protesters still won’t stop. Lock her up…lock her up. She’s been locked up since inauguration day. First one in the new cellblock.


Oh—you got any medical conditions we need to know about?


Too bad. One thing you do get in here is universal health care.

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