Do the Math


So, Mr. Trump—is it correct that you are planning to bring Barack Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, to the debate tonight?

Yes, Anderson, I am bringing Obama’s brother—great guy—much better than his brother. Did you know he’s Kenyan?

Um, yes—I was aware of that. Can you tell the American people why you have invited the President’s brother to the debate?

Sure, sure…well…you in the crooked media—and I gotta say I include CNN in that—your coverage has been as crooked as it comes—no offense—and it’s important to have the views heard.

Wait? What? I don’t think I’m following you.

He’s Kenyan.

Right—but why bring him to the debate.

Born and raised in Kenya.

I don’t think anyone doubts that.

Of course, it’s a settled fact he’s Kenyan.

Are you trying to send some sort of coded message here?

Oh not at all, the message is very clear. He supports my campaign—and he’s Kenyan.

It sounds a little like you’re trying to revive the whole birther controversy—

Now hold it right there! There you go twisting the facts to try to rig things for Crooked Hillary. Every single time—it’s disgusting.

So you’re not trying to stir up birtherism again?

Absolutely not! I’ve invited Malik Obama—did I say he’s a great guy?—because he’s Kenyan.

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