Liliko’i Kepolo


Liliko’i Kepolo is Avery’s passion fruit Belgian witbier. Yes, you read that right—beer with passion fruit! I will say two things about it right off the bat: 1—it’s brewed with passion fruit. You don’t put any fruit in your glass to make it taste good. 2—it’s my website, and I reserve the right to be arbitrary with the rules. Besides, I’m a big Emerson fan—foolish consistency, hobgoblins, and all…

So, Liliko’i… Living in Boulder County—literally 5 miles from Avery’s original taproom—comes with many beer-related advantages. I got to taste the first batch of Liliko’i when Avery’s new Hawaiian brewer first debuted it in the tap room. I have to say I was very skeptical. I’m not a big fan of sweet beer no matter when you add the fruit. The bar tender at the taproom insisted I give it a try, though. I was probably more surprised by my reaction than you are to read this—I loved it.

It’s not a sweet beer. It’s quite tart, which makes it amazingly refreshing. Liliko’i has, in fact, become my favorite summertime beat-the-heat beer. Avery starts with the Belgian white they use for White Rascal, so it has that banana yeastiness and a hint of spice. The passion fruit, though, makes the beer come alive.

The tartness from the passion fruit makes Liliko’i great for quenching your thirst on a hot day. Its relatively low 5.4% alcohol makes it “sessionable” in the you-can-drink-a-few-and-not-get-wrecked sort of way. And, unlike—say—a lemon shandy, the witbier and passion fruit actually complement each other. If I’m on the deck bbq’ing or grilling, you can be certain Liliko’i is keeping me company.