Bell’s Two Hearted Ale


Bell’s Two Hearted Ale isn’t a new beer, and it isn’t new to me. It is new to Colorado, though, and that’s worth a mention right there. Bell’s has long been on my list of favorite beers to pick up on family trips back to Ohio. Unfortunately, they’ve never shipped to Colorado until recently. When I saw cans of Two Hearted Ale at my local store, I had to grab a six-pack.

Two-Hearted Ale is American IPA made with 100% Centennial hops. It certainly gives you a full hop experience. You get lots of piney resin and a hint of citrus for a great hop rush. What you don’t get, though, is overkill. Two Hearted Ale is all about balance. Yes, there are plenty of hops, but there are also plenty of malts that combined in a perfectly balanced flavor. You get hops from the aroma and the initial flavor. Then you get malts to balance things off with just a hint of sweetness at the end.

If you haven’t tried Bell’s before, their increased distribution area makes this a perfect time. Two-Hearted Ale is the perfect beer to get started with.