Boulder’s Other Beers, Part 1

Boulder is home to some big names in craft beer—Avery, Upslope, and Boulder Beer, to name a few. There are around 40 breweries in the county, though, and it’s easy to overlook some really good smaller breweries. I live in Lafayette, in the eastern part of the county, so I’ll start there.


Lafayette has a burgeoning little beer scene. We have 4 breweries in our city of 25,000, including 2 within easy walking distance of my house—always a plus.

My favorite Lafayette brewery is Odd 13. They make some really solid IPAs and sours. Their Superfan IPA is my current favorite. It is a really good hop forward beer with a smooth, balanced finish. Odd 13 has started canning recently, so you might be able to find some of their beers at your local store.

Front Range Brewing and Liquid Mechanics make up the next tier of Lafayette brewers in my mind. When they first started out, a lot of both of their beers were a little one-note to me. Their IPAs were hoppy. The porters had roasted malts. Lately, though, both breweries seem to be hitting their strides. I like Trhopical Illusion IPA from Front Range and the altbier from Liquid Mechanics.

The Post is a great place for fried chicken and pie—and really, that’s almost enough for any occasion. As a brewery, though, it’s left me a little disappointed. The quality is not an issue. The post churns out great examples of ambers, lagers, and pale ales. That’s the problem that I see, though. They are largely great examples of non-memorable beers. The Post has been expanding its offerings, so I’m still hopeful. So far, though, The Post’s food has been stronger than it’s beer.