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DFTB has been a bit stumped.  This election is…well…it’s just not funny.  Hopefully it will be when we look back at it, but for now–nope.  DFTB wanted to do its part, though, so here’s a little PSA for anyone thinking about sitting this one out.


Too Close to Home

This is a bit of a different approach for me.  The Boulder Daily Camera published my op-ed on gun violence.  I can’t say I hope you like it, but I do hope it makes you think.  Too Close to Home


Election Survival…Wine?

Need an antidote for the racist dog whistles sounding out this campaign season?  DFTB has the wine–wait–what?  Wine?  Yes, wine for the job.  Infinite Monkey theorem has the perfect drink to wash that distaste away.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem Rose Wine

Election Survival Beers

Election season is underway, and DFTB is back to help you get through it. I know…it’s enough to make you want a drink…and the 2018 Election Survival Beer Series is here for you!

Post Mountain Nights

Stem Ciders

DFTB is drinking…cider?  Yes, yes I am.  And it turns out I like cider.  Who knew?  Check out DFTB’s trip to the new Stem Cider taproom in DFTB’s hometown of Lafayette.


Men In Hats Are Coming…

Men In Hats are coming… Stay tuned…

#MIH #DontFruitTheBeer

Bottoms Up!

Well…at least we can say it’s over.  DFTB rang in the end…er…beginning…er..whatever we’ve got now with Ale to the Chief and La Fin du Monde.  Post Election Beer Review: Avery Ale to the Chief and Unibroue La Fin du Monde



So…yeah…  The unthinkable…brought to us courtesy of the unthinking.  Take the day to piss, moan, carry on, and scream at the universe that it’s not fair, but then we’ve got to move on.  He won, and we’ve all got to deal with it the best we can.  One thing we can’t do, though, is lose our sense of humor.  We’re going to need it…  Exit Strategy


That Didn’t Take Long

And The Donald’s lawsuits have begun–first one in Nevada!  Sadly, I had Pennsylvania in the pool.  On a happier note, DFTB scored an exclusive look at the next desperation filing.  Trump v. Clinton, et al.


Election Day

The end is finally nigh!  Let’s hope that just applies to the election.  If you’re looking for a way to survive tonight’s festivities with your favorite beverage, DFTB has you covered.  Bipartisan Beer Drinker’s Guide to Election Night